Find roots within yourself to help you grow

Hi! I’m Karlien!

I offer online coaching sessions for travellers and expats to help you discover how you can live your life in a meaningful way that is completely you. 

Wherever you go,
you always take yourself with you.

If you take on the challenge to discover your own values, passions and meaning in life you’ll find beautiful places inside and out.

My method

In my coaching sessions I use ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) as a guideline to help you. This evidence based behavioral therapy teaches you not to change the thoughts or emotions that you struggle with but to learn how to deal with them. By doing that they will no longer hold you back on what you want to get out of life and you can move forward.

Connect with your true values.

Learn how to deal with the things that hold you back.

Make your life more meaningful in a way that suits you best.

Practical information

  • Sessions will be held using skype (unless you live near Boxtel, Netherlands)
  • Costs are €90 per session including taxes
  • Payments can be made via bank transfer or paypal
  • After the first session we can estimate together how many sessions would help you


The only resistance in life is your own.

Your perceptions of  how the world is or should be.

How you should be. 

Free meet-up session!

Of course you’d like to know whether my coachsessions are what you are looking for and if my methods suit you. To discover that we can arrange a 30 min. skype meet-up that will be free of charge.

About me

Hello! I am Karlien Hoenderdos, born and raised in the Netherlands. I have wandered around the world quite a bit with my backpack and no plans. Enjoying the freedom of not knowing where I’ll go next and only carrying what I need. Now I experience that freedom in having my own coaching business and being a minimalist. After finding my true values and (still) discovering how to make my life more meaningful it’s my mission to help others do the same.



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